Competence, timeliness and flexibility. These are the musts that FIMI Service is ready to offer to its customers anywhere in the world, ensuring the assistance and technical support necessary for the use of its plants and machines.

For FIMI Service, working closely with the customer means supporting him with a truly complete solutions, from the analysis of needs, the feasibility study to the construction of the plant. But the service goes even beyond the installation stage by offering a specific support and training service and by making period assessments to check the efficiency of the plants.


As is well known, steel plants are generally complex and require constant care and maintenance to be perfectly efficient and avoid expensive costs arising from machine downtime.

FIMI Service is able to support the customer with a complete scheduled maintenance service.
A team of specialized technicians analyzes the line, its productivity and, together with the customer, plans a whole range of interventions to monitor the condition of the components and to promptly intervene where potentials anomalies could highlight critical points.

Knowing already where the fault is, this type of activity enables faster repair works and reductions of machine downtime.


At FIMI Service, we also provide a wide and diversified revamping service every time we are asked by our customers to make an assessment aimed to optimise pre-existing plants’ and lines’ productivity and production quality.

The improvement of the performances and the reduction of the downtime are today more and more important for the customers, above all on outdated systems; the updating of all the automation part, the implementation of sensors and the adoption of more advanced software allow the lines, where possible, to meet the typical requirements of industry 4.0.
The replacement of obsolete components also guarantees greater availability of spare parts.

We assess existing plants and we highlight to our customers how they can be improved. At this stage, by developing a structured project on these requirements, FIMI Service’s know how is able to allow each customer to truly take a leap in quality.

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